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Most days you can find me traveling the United States cam grounds volunteering to make the parks a better place for all visitors. I always have one of many crafts near by to keep my hands busy when I'm not working. I love sharing photos of where we are currently exploring.After losing one of my brothers to heart disease complicated by diabetes I knew I needed to change my ways. I started my journey last year to better health. Since then I have lost 80 pounds and working on being as healthy as my grandmother who lived till the age of 105. I am the was the average American who was obese and had many health issues that modern medicine wasn't helping. The older I became the more health issues I had. I love cooking healthy, taking control of my health with essential oils and many do it yourself projects that I love sharing with anyone who can benefit from my many talents.Let's connect now. I am very passionate to share anything I know to help others. I will always make time to help others.



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